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Thomas's 25th birthday fundraiser

For those who might not be following us on twitter or at the new webpage:

It's that time of year!

This year, for Thomas's twenty-fifth birthday!, as we did last year, to huge success ,the year before and the year before that for Thomas's birthday, we would like to encourage donations to your local Alzheimer's organizations.

Anyone can donate however much you can afford and even donate as an 'in memoriam' to David Dekker, Thomas's father, at the dedicated page here.

Thomas's eulogy for his father talked about how important research for this cause is and how personal it is to him.

If you donate, we ask that tweet us: @dekkerdaily, or email dekkerdaily[at]gmail.com so that we may add your names to a list we shall post for Thomas on his actual birthday on the 28th.

Here are the links to some of the various organizations:

~~Alzheimer's Association of America http://www.alz.org/join_the_cause_donate.asp (The David Dekker dedicated page here).

~~Alzheimer's Association of Canada http://www.alzheimer.ca/

~~Alzheimer's International http://www.alz.co.uk/

We know that money is tight for some members. Donations are not required! We shall also have a birthday wishes post that members can comment on.

Thanks for your time! Questions, don't hesitate to email or tweet us!

**As with last year, there may be additions to this event! Check back often! Follow us on twitter.**
Thomas's Official Facebook page.